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Job Offer
Looking for the elites as below due to the needs of development.

1. Sales Assistant  (2 available)  
Job requirements
1) College degree or above, Business English or related major.
2) Good skill of execution, communication, coordination.
3) Decency, good character and hard working.
4) With good job responsibility, carefulness, patience and earnestness.

2.Electronic commerce commissioner (1 available):
Job requirements
1)College degree or above, electricity is preferred;
2)English CET 4-6 level; Have certain writing ability, widely on cable related experience in SEO knowledge and has the alibaba backstage management operation experience is preferred;
3)Familiar with Word, Excel, understand simple HTML, will be simple image processing; Diligent, studious, down-to-earth, with team spirit, strong communication and coordination ability, summarizes the problems and the ability to solve the problem.

3.R&D Assistant  (1 available)
1) Job requirements
2) College degree or above, Chinese Medicinal Herbal Science, Plant Resource Engineering or related major, CET-4 or above.
3) Fresh and former graduates have high specialized knowledge in Chinese Medicinal Herbal Extraction.
4) Can long term stable working on Botanic Extract Industry, be capable of bearing hardships and standing hard work, devoted to be one of the tech workers of Botanic Extract Industry.
Job location:Lugu High-tech industry zone, Changsha/ Tech Industrial Zone, Shanggao, Jiangxi
Generous welfare:  Five-insurance +Festival Consolation Money + Group Tour + Free accommodation
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